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Welcome to the COMNAVSURFPAC Shipboard Habitability Improvement Program web site.

The Habitability Program was initially established by NAVSEA in 1975 and was later expanded to include all Type Commanders in 1979 when the CNO issued OPNAVINST 9640.1

The objective of this program is to completely renovate crew, CPO and troop berthing and sanitary spaces in order to attain and maintain the habitability standards set forth in OPNAVINST 9640.1.

Renovations are accomplished by a contractor, with no assistance required by ship's force. The renovations include a complete rip-out of the project spaces and the replacement of all major furniture, fixtures and deck coverings based upon a complete set of NAVSEA approved Ship Project Installation Drawings (Arrangement, Electrical, Piping and Ventilation). Current project installation drawings can be found in the Habitability Drawings Library. For a complete searchable list of all approved Habitability Materials used in the program, view the Habitability Commodity Handbook.

Ships are inducted into the program ten years after commissioning. Project work scopes are sized based on the availability timeframe. Generally, during each CNO scheduled maintenance availability, either a berthing / sanitary space complex or a selected number of all-berthing or all-sanitary spaces are renovated, until all spaces are completed. After all spaces are upgraded, the cycle will be repeated until the ship is decommissioned. For additional information on project selection read the Project Selection and Scheduling Guidelines.

For a complete long term project summary schedule, view the Long Range Plan. For a complete compartmental historical and planned project listing by ship, see Habitability Project Chronology by Ship. For detailed planning milestones for those projects within a sixteen month window, search the Ship Project Status Report (Blue Book).

Approximately 14 months before work is scheduled, the ship's Commanding Officer will be notified of the intended work, including compartment numbers. At that time, changes and modifications may be requested and will be considered, as long as the requests meet the selection criteria, and there is sufficient time, money and material available to accomplish the proposed work scope.

CNSP will then issue a Project Confirmation Notice to the ship and all involved planning and installing activities.

For questions or comments you may contact The Shipboard Habitability Program Manager (CNSP N43) at (619) 437-2421.